I offer voice, piano, and ukulele lessons mainly at Musical Beginnings in Westchester, CA where I maintain a large studio. However, I do have time for a few private voice students at my home studio in Culver City. Contact me if you would like more information or to schedule a lesson.

Voice Lessons

I instruct beginning through advanced singers to achieve a free and healthy sound by exploring three interconnected aspects of singing — technical, musical and interpretive. The technical component includes the fundamentals of breath, posture, and resonance, important foundations for healthy singing. These are supported by musical qualities such as phrasing, aural skills, and music reading, as well as interpretive elements such as text analysis, diction, stage deportment and characterization. The result will assure a voice that is unique to each student. I maintain that voice instruction is most successful when it caters to the strengths, interests, and perspectives of the individual student. For instance, while one student may respond to a technical approach, another student may require the use of abstract imagery or a focus on interpretive elements to attain the desired result.

Teaching voice is a rewarding experience for me. Not only does it permit me to foster healthy, beautiful and passionate singing; but it also allows me to mentor young musicians as they grow as artists. I am a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), which means that my students can participate in their auditions. My students have been all-state singers, won scholarships and competitions, become voice and theater majors, and sung professionally.

Piano Lessons

I offer piano lessons to students ages 5-adult. My approach is quite traditional, but adapted for individual students' strengths and interests. Lessons are based on methods developed for classical playing. I include work on technique, artistry, and theory in every lesson, in order to provide students with the skills they need to make and understand music their whole lives. Once a student has reached an appropriate point, I like to include pop, rock or jazz pieces if the student is interested in those styles. Many of my students work on accompanying themselves while singing.

Students have opportunities for performing throughout the year in recitals. In addition, my students often participate in the Royal Conservatory exams.

Sing and Strum Ukulele Lessons

If you are interested in learning to accompany your singing with a fun and portable instrument the ukulele is a great choice for singers age 10 through adult. I work on singing skills plus the basics of ukulele all during the same lesson. It is important to maintain a healthy vocal technique, and there are special issues that come up while playing another instrument. I focus on maintaining proper posture and breath support, while working on resonance, diction, phrasing, and interpretation. Depending on your experience, I start with simple chords and strums so that you can start playing while you sing right away. I also teach note reading, ukulele tab, and ukulele technique. Ukulele works well for accompanying folk, pop, Tin Pan Ally, and standards but can work for almost any song style. Once you get the basics we can explore your favorite repertoire.

Unlike piano or voice, this is a great lesson to do with a friend, since you can take turns accompanying one another and performing for one another. Students are encouraged to participate in recitals throughout the year.