Video Project

This is the first post as part of my new project to find performing outlets. In the internet age that can include Youtube. I've already made several videos and I'm having lots of fun doing it. The only rules are that I perform any instruments used and that the work must be in the public domain. This performance isn't perfect, but the goal isn't perfection, the goal is to do it.

I've been teaching myself ukulele for a while and I've also been interested in tin pan alley songs. This video combines the two. It's "Look for the Silver Lining," music by Jerome Kern and lyrics by Buddy DeSylva. This was made famous by Judy Garland in the mid-twentieth century, but was originally written in 1920.

I'll be posting more videos in the coming days and weeks, but if you'd like to view more sooner check out my Youtube channel. Enjoy!