A New Endeavor

A few months ago I decided to quit my part-time day-job. It was a great gig: for 20 hours a week I got full benefits and I still had time to teach and be a musician. But then my studio started to grow and at 30-40 students a week there was little time for practicing or performing or thinking about music in any meaningful way. I was away from home most days for 12 or more hours. Quitting a job with health insurance and a steady paycheck was a big step. It took me a while to actually do it, but I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. I have some goals for my new endeavor. These include taking time to practice, finding outlets for performing, and returning to thinking about music and working on projects. This blog is part of that. I'd like it to be an outlet for my ideas and a way for them to steep and develop. There will be posts of articles and art and ideas. I'll also post videos of performances by me and by others. I hope you will stay tuned!